Residency at the Academy of Fine Art in Katowice, Poland

April 30, 2018

Laura has just completed a three-week residency at the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. Laura attended the residency with her colleague from Plymouth University, Dr Thomas Baugh, as part of the Parralax Project.



The time was used to create works on the agency of error and to work with masters level students to explore the subject of error through their artistic practice. The theme of the project was to question the significance of human or nonhuman error, where students explored the materiality of error and the relationship between, human action, error, technology and art object.


The project focused on error that is postdigital, where the technological flaws and errors that are inherent to all media, new and old, are embraced. In accordance with Information Theory (Shannon and Weaver, 1949) errors are inherent to all communications, but this project focused on the nuances of these, such as errors that are accidental, known and unknown, forced or unintended, systematic or random. Furthermore, the project drew upon participatory art practices.


The artwork produced by students opened up conversations about how error can be incorporated into practice.

The exhibition Prawo Serii: Agency of Error was held at Strefart Gallery, Tyghy, Poland