Laura Rosser works with printed matter, error, ideas of the post-digital and nonhuman agencies in her artistic research and academic and pedagogical endeavours. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, Kronika Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Australia, and Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, China. She draws on expanded understandings of error to create spaces and places that disrupt rational thought and logical computational logic; preferring the misadventurous and crooked path.

Currently her practice entails an in depth and speculative investigation into the relational agency of error in analogue and digital technologies and online spaces – which begin to exhibit their own voices. She refers to their dialogue as cross-talk. The entangling of her print-based practice, writing and conceptual diagramming facilitate this enquiry on how through errors liveness and messiness, we might re-think our complex relationships with technology and the nonhuman.