Broken Noses | Collaboration with Falmouth BA Fine Art students

March 22, 2024

Laura Rosser and colleague Naomi Fitzsimmons from Falmouth University launch their first event for the new collective Broken Noses at CAST in Helston.

Broken Noses working statement:


Breakdown is not a yes––no, it is yes and no.
Broken Noses is an ongoing project queering/curious to explore breakdown as an artistic tactic. This artist led project is a strategy to encourage failure; to embrace collapse; and a celebration of the unstable and unforeseen.
Breakdown and breaking is messy. It uncovers creative and critical possibilities through which ­we can examine social, political and technological breakdown.


This event at CAST is one iteration a larger evolving project to continue throughout the year.

They are holding the live event – at CAST – presented as a live rehearsal event, which includes bad merch, tech malfunctions, blips, slips and bloopers.

Ahead of the event they have run a series of workshops titled ‘Moments of Braking’ alongside BA Fine Art students which have informed, and acted as provocations, for the event. The ambition is to work alongside their students and remove the student / tutor hierarchy in this celebration on the wonky and the unknown.

Image: Broken Noses Live Rehearsal poster by Etienne Marquis and Julian Micallef